Monday, July 23, 2007

It's ALL good. (Oh, yeah?)

Is there a better feeling than having a productive day, knowing the writing is really singing? (As opposed to stuttering, which happens--occasionally).

I'm about to finish Chapter 20 of Mama Rides Shotgun, out of some 40 chapters. Not exactly the home stretch, but at least I can spot The End in the distance.

I'm back into the minds of my characters, which is a good thing. And, no, it doesn't mean I'm a scary schizophrenic, hearing voices. Well, I DO hear voices, but they're the voices I've created.

"No, they aren't!''

Yes, they are!



. . Anyway . . .

The characters had been shutting me out for a while, which wasn't very nice of them. They weren't there when I needed them, weren't behaving like I wanted them to. And they had a lot of nerve, seeing as how I'm the one who breathed life into them in the first place.

"No you didn't!''

Okay, whatever. Today was all good, though. The characters behaved . . .

"No, we didn't!''

. . . mostly, anyway. And since this is my computer and my blog, that will be my ("Our!'') final word.

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kerry said...

Chapt. 20. Good for you.
Have you outlines the remaing chapters, or do you just wing it and let it flow?