Monday, July 30, 2007

I' ve been Mama-jacked!

Weirdest thing happened: I'm trying to create a blog in the "voice'' of my mystery novel character, Rosalee Deveraux, AKA "Mama'' of the Mama Mysteries.
Everything is going swimmingly. I've given her a little Web home, Ask Mama.

I've gotten a couple of letters that "Mama'' can answer in her down-home, plain-talkin' style.
I'm feeling quite proud of myself. Until I suddenly realize that the fake profile I created for this fictional character's site has superseded MY profile on my real blog, Mystery Gal.

The profiles for BOTH sites have the fake stuff I created for Mama: We both live in Himmarshee, Fla., we've been married four times, we have three daughters ... none of which, of course, is true in my case.
Uhmmmm . . . talk about my character taking over my life!
I keep remembering that old Twilight Zone episode where a ventriloquist gets into trouble because his dummy keeps telling him to kill people .... hmmmm.
The only saving grace: Mama isn't the least bit murderous. She does, however, have an unnatural attraction to butterscotch-dipped cones at the Dairy Queen.
Today, I stopped at the Dairy Queen ....

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