Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ohmigod! I'm an old person, and I'm blogging!

Mark this day in your calendars, friends and family ... Deb goes hi-tech. A decade after the ability to "blog'' became available, I'm finally surfing the WWW wave. Hang ten, baby!
Does this mean I'll discard my ballpoint pen and ruled-paper journal? Probably not.
But, hey ... I'm getting my feet wet here. Teeny, tiny, babysteps into the new millenium (that started, what? Seven years ago? What can I say? I always look--and look, and look, and look--before I leap.)
Now, if this entry doesn't disappear the moment I leave this page, the first "post'' from Mystery Gal is hereby recorded for posterity.
It's Mystery Gal, in case you're interested, because I've just been offered a contract on my first two mystery novels, after a long career as a journalist. Yay for me! First one's titled "Mama and the Murderer,'' second is "Mama Rides Shotgun.''
Watch this space (if I can ever find it again) for more details!

1 comment:

kerry said...

You rock mystery gal.
I want a copy of your book. Will you sign it for me when it comes out?