Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Time, No Cyber-See

What kind of a shameless, self-promoting author am I?

Not a very good one, apparently. It's been months since I've gotten around to updating my blog. In my defense, I HAVE been writing. I'm about halfway through my fourth Mace Bauer Mystery, MAMA SEES STARS. Woo-hoo!

But the big news tonight ... the reason I felt compelled to post ... is that the galleys are ready on No. 3, MAMA GETS HITCHED. It's up and available for pre-ordering with a simple click at Amazon or my publisher, Midnight Ink (Ah, yes ... there's that blatant self-promotion coming out: BSP, for short.)

The cover's another winner. I've been so lucky: Incredible designs for each of my three titles. They just keep getting better. Take a look at the cover, pictured above, and tell me what you think. (Nice touch: My name on the whiskey bottle!)

So forgive me a bit of BSP this evening. I'm a bit like ''Mama,'' who is convinced it's not at all tacky for her fifth trip down the aisle to have a Gone With the Wind-themed wedding -- complete with parasols and Southern belle gowns for her bridesmaid-daughters, and satin top hat for the Pomeranian bearing the rings. Like Mama and her nuptials, I've deluded myself into thinking it's not at all tacky to be out here in cyberspace, blowing my BSP horn.


Beth said...

LOVE the just screams FLORIDA...gators and neon and citrus, oh my! OK, the whiskey and knives fit too, but we won't get in to that just now...we'll have to wait for the book!

Dru said...

I like the cover! Looking forward to read this one.

Yeah, there's a fourth book coming.

Deborah Sharp said...

hey, Beth and Dru ... thanks for the thumbs up. I love the cover, too. Midnight Ink keeps knockin' 'em out of the park, illustration-wise. Yay!