Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cover Artist Home Runs Again!

Check out the great cover Midnight Ink and illustrator Mark Gerber came up with for the second book in my funny, Florida set series, the Mace Bauer Mysteries.

This one's called Mama Rides Shotgun. I was fearful of the sophomore slump, in which the art department couldn't top the excellent job they did on Book I, Mama Does Time.

But, YAY! Freshman Success met and surpassed.

I hope this terrific cover brings lots of new readers to Mace, her two sisters, and the Mama who drives them all crazy. In Number 2, the gals hit the Florida Cracker Trail horseback ride for some bonding time before Mama's upcoming nuptials. (She's tying the sacred knot of matrimony for the fifth time).

All goes well until Lawton Bramble, the wealthy rancher hosting the riders, turns up dead in his Cowboy Chili. A former beau of Mama's (and, frankly, who isn't?), Lawton had a bad ticker. But he also had a ton of enemies, and Mace suspects one of them might have added more than spices to Lawton's chili.

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