Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blurb Me

I'm in the clouds! Just heard good things from two of the authors I asked for "blurbs.''

It's really scary to approach writers you admire, hat in hand. These are busy people, with deadlines, commitments, books of their own to promote. Plus, what if they hate my book?

So here I come, Jane First Time Author, and ask them to not only read a 300-plus page manuscript, but to attach their good names to it by saying something nice on the cover: Blurb Me.

"Deborah Sharp's MAMA DOES TIME deserves the Nobel Prize for literature,'' (if they gave out the Nobel prize for funny, down-home mysteries about a bunch of country folk in the ranches-and-rodeo belt of Florida.)

Anyway, Nancy Martin and Elaine Viets couldn't have been nicer or more generous with their praise. I hope I'm famous enough some day to do the same for some first-timer looking for a blurb.

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