Friday, January 11, 2008

Warp Speed

Time doesn't just fly after you hit 50 . . . it zips, it zooms, it ROCKETS out of control.
I'm looking at the last day I posted anything here ... November 28. My blog-free month (plus 14 days) corresponds to the holidays, America's annual way-too-much-stress, way-too-little-time period of national distraction.
When I was a reporter at USA Today, I always knew getting calls returned, statistics gathered, stories written was next to impossible from Thanksgiving thru the first week of January.
Now I'm a mystery novelist, and not much has changed.
I did manage, however, to finish the rewrite on MAMA RIDES SHOTGUN by Jan. 4.
Yay for me!
On the other hand, my Christmas tree is still up, dead pine needles shroud the unwrapped presents underneath, and the punch bowl from my writers' group holiday gathering (Dec. 22) still sits on the courtyard table. It's clean, though, so I guess that's something.
Does anybody have a magic watch that can slow down time? Better yet, make it go backwards, so I can have a few do-overs?

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