Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank God I'm out of the Biz

Here's what I would have been doing today if I still worked in the news biz: Chasing a 14-year-old shark bite victim all over south Florida in 90-degree-plus heat, gathering quotes for yet another story on Is it Safe to Go Into the Water!!??

Instead, I can sit back and watch my husband do it for TV news. Thank goodness I'm now a novelist (at least a would-be novelist), and not a reporter.

Fortunately, the kid is fine ... the shark latched on and wouldn't let go, requiring the response of emergency rescue personnel. The EMT brought a giant hatchet, just in case, but the five-foot nurse shark let loose after somebody gave him a punch in the nose.

All's well that ends well, except in cable TV news, it never ends. The interviews just keep getting played over and over and over .... until the next story of nature on the rampage comes down the pike.

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