Friday, May 25, 2007

Days Go By

Has it really been a month--more!--since I've written a word on this blog? So much for the immediacy of the Internet. I keep drifting back to the old-school, pen-and-ink journal. It's just more satisfying to feel my ballpoint sliding across paper, my scrawl barely keeping up with my thoughts. It's better than sitting here, tap-tap-tap, click-click-click, watching the cursor blink when I stop to gather my thoughts.
Better to be out somewhere in the fresh air, maybe sitting with a beer or a cup of tea, staring at the ocean waves or the palm fronds rippling in the breeze. Now, that's inspiration.
Had a couple of weeks' vacation, exploring Holland by bicycle. It was great, even more so to have 15 days in the same time zone with my TV reporter husband. No interruptions. No breaking news. Well, OK, there was some message-checking and e-mailing on the Crackberry (his, not mine. I could go a million years without catching up electronically).
We loved the Netherlands, though. Great food, beautiful countryside, nice people. Everyone spoke English, making us feel, once again, like ignorant Americans. One tiny quibble: What's with the brutal wind? On bikes, it was like riding into that famous picture, "The Scream.'' Of course, we should have known. Their national symbol is the WINDmill, after all.
Ignorant Americans!

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