Thursday, February 8, 2007


A neighbor, a close friend, died this morning, just after we'd stood visiting on the street in front of our homes. I'm still reeling.
I was running late for a horseback riding session; Peter and his wife were off for a walk through the neighborhood. They invited me for dinner this weekend.
"Sounds great,'' I said, climbing in my car. "We'll catch up on Sunday, though. I've gotta run.''
As I pulled away, I remember watching the two of them in the rear-view mirror. He said something to make her laugh; she gave him a playful shove.
How cute! I thought. They're grandparents, married forever, and they're still in love.
Halfway through the walk, Peter said he didn't feel well. He returned home; his wife kept walking. She got back fifteen minutes later to find him collapsed on the floor, already dead from an apparent heart attack.
Here one moment; gone the next.
I feel so sorry for Peter's wife. But the incident also has an eerie, deja vu parallel for me. My younger brother died unexpectedly, four months ago. And just like today, the death was sudden. Shocking. The bad news came via phone.
It makes me realize how little control we have over our lives. And it makes me wonder: What twist does the universe have in store next?

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